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Lordings Lock Weir

The Arun and Western Streams catchment is in West Sussex. It includes the Rivers of the Rother, Arun and several small coastal streams which feed into Pagham and Chichester Harbours. The Arun and Western Streams water environment supports important wildlife sites, agriculture, industry and tourism.

However, the condition of water courses in the catchment is not good enough and this means the abundance and diversity of plant and animal species is lower than it should be. We are working together to understand the pressures on the water environment, how to address them and actions required improve the environment. Investigations have shown that the following issues are having the greatest impact in Arun and Western Streams:


  • Water Pollution: Waste water from Sewage Treatment Works and run-off from rural and urban areas introduces pollutants, such as nitrate or phosphate, into the water courses.


  • Invasive Species: Some animal and plant species which are not native to our local environment, such as Signal Crayfish and Himalayan Balsam, are taking over and putting our rare, native species at risk.


  • Poor Habitat: Over the years our use of the rivers for abstraction, industry, recreation and navigation has had a big impact. The natural characteristic of the rivers has been changed, limiting their habitat quality and reducing the diversity of wildlife.